Even More SH247 interviews: Pairs

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Alrighty, we're having a bit of a Pairs-a-palooza lately and also linking lots of SH247 interviews. Well, it's because both of those are producing tons of quality stuff.

Shanghai 24-7 have yet another quality long and detailed interview, this time with Xiao Zhong of Pairs ... it's so long that it's coming in two parts, you'll have to keep tabs on part two yourselves or I'll start to look like their RSS. 

And here's an excerpt:

Hmm, yeah... Fuck MTV! That Iggy thing was really weird. I basically got an email with subject: 'MTV Request'. I opened it and it said, "We need a picture for an article we're doing". So I wrote back and asked them if they wanted a quote, an interview, anything. They basically said nope, we'll write the article. So they wrote the article and I read it - it was pretty cool. I wrote back to them and said that next time they should come along to a show. But they lived in New York! So they'd never seen us. They basically get different info from different blogs. They then said to give them some advanced warning before we released anything. So... I was like 'OK, here's your advanced warning, we 're doing a CD, what do you want to do, an interview or something?'. Then she says "If you win 'Artist of the Week' we can do an interview". What the fuck? What the fuck is 'Artist of the Week'? So I looked it up, and saw what it was! I sent it to (Jake) Newby as a joke. I said, 'I don't care who people vote for as long as it's not that bitch Tulipa, she's got a kick arse street team!

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