Shanghai's Pairs sign with Beijing label make album

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This is a weird one to report and I'll reproduce the e-mail from Pairs' Xiao Zhong giving the exact situation.

... anyway, I'm going to annoy him by reporting it a certain way first, it's a point of pride for me as a Shanghai scene person.

So, after a dynamite first year that saw Shanghai band Pairs explode onto the scene, tour the country and even end up onstage at Modern Sky's festival in Beijing ... they were signed by Beijing label Maybe Mars's offshoot Maybe Noise following a show at Raying Temple. This follows the footsteps of Eight Eye Spy and Shanghai's own Muscle Snog.

Yes! ... well sort of ...

You see, Pairs are committed to the DIY approach and brokered a more low key deal with producer Yang Haisong that didn't involve being attached to a label name. Also, to be honest, that is pretty much what Maybe Noise do anyway and it's not really being 'signed' so to speak. Also ... props to the DIY ethic.

The recording is done, and the album will be out late September.

Here's what Xiao Zhong had to say:

We played a show at Raying Temple in Beijing and Yang Haisong came along and saw us, then he said he produces records for Modern Sky and Maybe Mars and if we wanted to go that route, we could work it out. We said we'd rather do it with you freelance stlyle. So that's how it came about.

We booked two days in the studio, but did everything in 4.5 hours. Everything from setting up mics, testing levels, doing 14 songs an taking some breaks to creep around. F and I are doing it all ourselves. Each CD has been hand folded, hand numbered, hand stickered, hand stamped and there is a DVD. No labels. Maybe Noise offered but we didn't think it would work out for a few different reasons.
But anyway, Pairs and Duck Fight Goose full albums on the way. Duh, winning!

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