Sh 24-7: longform interview with Trash A-Go-Go

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Trash a go go
It seems that website Shanghai 24-7 is owning the long interview right now. Here they have yet another lengthy, detailed and enlightening interview (ahem, yes, one of them was mine, sorry) this time with the Trash A Go Go collective.

read it all here it's really good

Trash A Go Go are formed around garage styles like hardcore, garage rock and surf rock and the shows are informed by their sheer love of the music and culture. Founding members Misuzu (Fan Qiang) and Toshi are real scene stalwarts. Misuzu's Five Dollar Shake Parties / Banana Monkey shows at the old Yuyintang were good times. In DJ B.O. they have a tireless promoter who even took shows to Mongolia recently, as linked on the blog a couple of posts down.

So, show your love, here's their page.

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