Pairs album release party set for Sep 30th

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pairs in xian
Photo by Jessica from Douban

I recently blogged about Shanghai super-duo Pairs having recorded a new album up in Beijing.

Well, now the band have released details of the release show. Other bands take note, Pairs will have an extensive merch table which you pay for by donation (you choose the price) and will include, new CD, the older CD, the HK 7", buttons and all kinds of stuff. Nice. Here's the English announcement.

Pairs are releasing their 14 track CD 'Summer Sweat' on Friday, September the 30th, in Shanghai at Yuyintang.

Doors open at 9pm, and our friends the Horde have kindly accepted our email and drunken toilet invitation to play - on the condition they do a Creedance Clearwater cover - will start at 10.10pm. On the dot. None of this we'll wait for me people trash.

Pairs will play at 11pm, and may do a Creedence cover. It's not in our contract though, so don't hold your breath.

'Summer Sweat' was recording in Beijing with Yang Haisong mid June in around 4 hours. Each copy has been hand folded, hand stamped, hand numbered and hand stickered and each copy will come with our home made DVD 'Shanghai Sweat'. It will be available by donation on the night, meaning, if you want to drop 1 kuai in the bucket you can, if you want to drop more, you can.

We'll also have a bunch of other stuff on the table available for donation, like our 7"s, badges, self titled CD, unreleased Pairs demos and some other odds and ends.

Entry will be 20yuan, with the four groups involved getting an even share. There will be a low rent DJ spinning some tracks to keep the night kicking on.

If you want to get involved in someway, or put something on the merch table or something, let us know at
So here's a hint: Pairs are awesome and have consistently made their stuff available dirt cheap or completely free. So if you claim to support the scene come to this show and come ready to show some cash-love. They deserve it.

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