How to find 0093 rehearsal space

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0093 shanghai door
0093 is a legendary rehearsal space in Shanghai that was responsible for a boom in the scene with its super cheap fully equipped rooms.

After a brief enforced move shutdown during the Expo, they came back and have been vital again.

The biggest issue, however - is how to find the front door.

The regular rooms are 35 Yuan an hour (which you then split between the band) and the larger ones are 50. Here's the official address:

Qu Xi Lu (near Da Pu Lu) 1228

Tel: 6416 4645

It is notoriously hard to find the first time. So, look at the picture, opening it up if necessary. The shop on the corner is called Gua Gua Gong Zi and the street number is partially hidden below its sign. Then the door to 0093 is the one I have door-matted in bright green.

When you step through, it will look like you have entered the filthy back of a shitty restaurant complete with leaking fridges - you have! Turn immediately to your left and follow the fridges, then left again to find the top of the stairs - then go down and follow the passage until you come out to the studios.

Click for larger. 
Shows Gua Gua Gongzi in relation to the Line 4 Luban Lu Station.


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