PK14 record new album at Electrical Audio

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PK14 are the legendary post-punk band from Nanjing. They are based in Beijing and currently on Maybe Mars. 

The band have just given us an update at the page on their new album.

Original post (Chinese language)

The band have now completed recording their fifth studio album. The producer is still Henrik Oja, but this time they have recorded the material at Chicago's Electrical Audio studio and it was engineered by Steve Albini himself. I'm a fan of his band Shellac and a well-known example of something he did in the studio is Nirvana's In Utero. 

The post says that the album will be out early next year.

Meanwhile, in other China post-punk news, Henan's The Fallacy are touring. No Shanghai date announced yet though, maybe someone could get on that? They are great. Go to the page to listen.

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