Skip Skip Ben Ben live @ 390 Bar

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Skip Skip Ben Ben is the latest project of Taipei native and Beijing based Ban Ban, formerly of the ass-kicking shoe gaze band Boyz and Girl.

Quick point. In a recent post I mentioned them having a new album out. It's done and tracks are available but whole thing is not available to buy until the end of next month. 

Recently opened 390 Bar brought the band to Shanghai for a show and I was there to check it out. The band play an interesting mix of garage rock, Chinese post-punk, dreamy shoegaze vocals ... and what I'm going to call lofi psychedelia. 

There wasn't an opening act and the band led off with the track Last Light, which you can hear at the Douban page. Ban Ban's guitar sounded great, as usual. She manages to use dirty fuzz and reverb, filling out the sound, but at the same time picking out clear and clean lines. The only complaint was the vocals being a bit quiet, due to a busted speaker, but they got a great loud sound in the smaller bar. Having seen them before and being familiar with the songs, I think my brain must have been filling the vocals in a bit too. Anyway, see this band if you get the chance they are one of the current highlights of the China scene. 

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