Happy Strings name change, Yuyintang challenge

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challengematchI was looking for some info on up coming gigs here in Shanghai when I came across this flyer. I don't usually do listings or promote up coming gigs, I just find this one interesting.

The flyer (pictured) says that Crazy Mushroom Brigade and Little Nature will play 'together' in a challenge. I have no idea what that means and I'll be happy to tell you all about it next week after I check it out.

The other interesting news is at the bottom of the flyer. It seems that Happy Strings, who me and Cameron made this video demo about, have changed their name to The Momo Brigade.

I may have to stalk them at Bar 288 on Taikang Road to get a scoop on this. I'm not sure if they remember me from our shoot.

Flyer originally found here.

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