RockSH videos: Pinkberry and The Subs

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These videos are hosted by a smaller streaming site here in China called "". I'm wary to embed them because the smaller vid upload sites tend to get shut down fairly often for a variety of reasons. So, watch them while you can.

So, anyway. RockSH have posted up two longer videos. Each one is an interview (all in Mandarin). Don't despair if you can't speak Chinese though, there is an insert panel playing clips from the live shows all the way through. Hmmn, another thought: are RockSH's video team and monopod guy one and the same? Judging from the Subs footage (From Dream Factory this weekend) it's him.That could be painful in the future.


The Subs:

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that's definitely Monopod dude. I saw him dive back stage with the girls in funky hats after the Pinkberry set. I also saw an annoyed fan pour some beer over his head though, so swings and roundabouts eh?

I am currently having it out with him on Douban. In the Pinkberry group where he posted the above video.

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