The Worst Band Names / Happy Holidays

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Well, we had the Banana Monkey reunion show and tonight we have the Keep Loud Festa and the Miniless Showcase. Unfortunately the whole weekend is a write off for me as the time of winter and holidays is also often the time of flu and illnesses. For those who know Evans, she's doing fine now and is at home resting. The blog will be back in action next Saturday for the Jiao Ban Two night at YYT. If anyone goes to any of the above shows this weekend, do send me a mini review or photos by mail.

Here's a couple of photos from last night's gig courtesy of Schokora's 56minus1 blog.

So, here's my pick on the net for the holidays. When I first read this feature last year at the A.V. Club website I was crying tears of laughter at some of the band names. Here's the intro to the feature from the site:

Each year, The A.V. Club receives hundreds of albums, thousands of press releases, and several thousand more show listings for hundreds of venues around the country. At any given moment, our editors are besieged by information on bands, most of whom we've never heard of. Sifting through all that info, we inevitably encounter questionable band names. Actually, you could argue any moniker is questionable, but we keep an ongoing list of the worst and funniest ones we see. Then, come December, we whittle them down for our annual Worst Band Names feature. This list isn't a compendium of the worst names of all time--or a statement on the quality of their music--just the ones we encountered this year.
Put your favorite one in the comments (remember, you don't have to register just select anonymous) ... now read it! The Worst Band Names Of 2008.

Happy Holidays!

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Better "*" swearwords or the comment will disappear.

I read the whole feature and I have to say that there's nothing to beat the best of the 2007 list:

Gay Witch Abortion
Happy Mother's Day, I Can't Read
The Asbestos Tampons
Statutory Grape
Slut Barf

All real band names.

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