Magazines: more Midi, Hard Queen and other releases

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hard queen
Haven't done a magazine round up for a bit and want to start with a belated link to Jake Newby's Hard Queen article in That's Shanghai.

It's a full feature with some good backstory and you can read it online here:

Next up some material from Dan Shapiro over at City Weekend. First Dan reveals that there has in fact been an official release from the Beijing Midi Music School pertaining to the festival being held in Shanghai. Here are the two previous posts and here is Dan's blog:

Also, in the print edition Dan draws attention to four CD releases happening in April. We have Hard Queen, Hedgehog, Retros and The Gar. Let's throw some attention back at Dan too, the recent Rogue Transmission gig was kick-ass and they have a CD of their own you might want to inquire about.

I have been gearing up for the Hedgehog show by listening to tracks from their upcoming third CD, Blue Daydreaming. And you can too: right here.

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Speaking of magazines, the current Time Out has an interview with the drummer from Loudspeaker for their Public Eye page. It's a mildly interesting interview, if pretty brief. Unfortunately, Time Out's Chinese website is hopelessly slanted towards Beijing and generally pretty crap if you're after Shanghai content so I can't paste a link.

If anyone's interested, it's the current issue with the word "Sale" written on it (it's only 5 kuai at the moment instead of the usual 10). If you can't see it, ask your helpful magazine seller for 消费导刊

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