Hard Queen CD release: this is another call to arms

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This is another call to arms. 

All bands, shows and underground CDs deserve your support. But, every now and again there is an event which I believe is a potential turning point for the scene. This is only the second time I've done this and it must be stressed that there are no 'deals' with the bands/promoters and the giveaways are paid for in full, from my own pocket. This is me putting my money where my mouth is - figuratively and literally.

Hard Queen are one of Shanghai's great underground acts trying to do something different or personal. Here is their new site and you can listen to some tracks here.

Hard Queen have arrived at this day - their 4th April EP release - through many knocks. This included being famously fired from Windows Underground for being Chinese and also having to scrap eight months in the studio last year. All the time they seemed to receive little support from the scene in general who tended not to understand the music. 

However, with the help of producer/promoter Brad Ferguson, they went back to the ethic that Sheena started the band with - do it yourself and be true to yourself. Now the EP is ready. It has been done without a label or any kind of industry support and on a minimum personal budget. All the artwork, design and promotions have been done by friends of the band and the band themselves.

The EP is included in the price of entry on the night and there are T-shirts available too. So here's what I'm going to do - the first four commenters on this post who state they want one and provide a size will get a t-shirt on me. They will be able to collect it when they go to the show.

If this event is packed out and the merchandise is sold out - it sends a message that a local band with limited funds can make original music D.I.Y. style and succeed. So go. And tell everyone you know to go too. 

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I want one, small size, preferrably for an 8-years old kid... (my daughter, just want to see her wearing that T-shirt with "Hard Queen" written all over it...:)
That's my statement, I'd be there anyway.

Hey Andy

I've love an XL T-shirt (Large if XL isn't available). I'm really looking forward to this show since I've been hearing about the CD release for so long.


yo yo yo
i'm an L sized french boy.
thanks to jordan for the link, if only bcr could do that too.. with cds if not tshirts, that could help me get back the one i lost on the release day ;o)

hehehehe.thx andy,im xs.XD

check check check

Cool ...

YLK - e-mail me your full real name at andy(at)kungfuology(dot)com

Shirts can be picked up under your full names at the show. Any problems - find me there.

Unfortunately, I will be out of town this weekend, but massive props to Hard Queen and Brad. It's been great to see the band's DIY development over the last 2 years and I only wish them the best.

Thanks Sean,

and lets not forget Neocha - a major part of the digital DIY scene and a great tool for all.

Awesome Andy!

I am looking forward to this one for sure! I will see you there! If anyone before me does not show, I would love love love a T but I think I can just buy one. I am a US small, Chinese medium!


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