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It was a slow week on the blogs here at Kungfuology with one reader even suggesting we check Jake wasn't dead. Nice. Well the ravages of the real world caught up with us, but it was mainly good stuff.

There was a convergence of personal projects that all came through within a hectic three days of each other.

My band's new single, Paris 68, went live. It's produced by Brad Ferguson who works miracles on zero budget and a bedroom.

We had the first ever mainland China PETA shoot. It was shot by Tim Franco and is for this free show at YYT next month featuring Candy Shop and Forget and Forgive. It's to promote the pics and 81fur.com

Splitworks provided the studio.

The photos are not officially out but there are two previews. Oh oh, who's that in this one

Jake was also at FrFrFrFr studio in 696 Weihai Lu covering the shoot for Time Out Shanghai as part of their article on Candy Shop. We were made up when the event listing went live at the end of the week along with the previews but that didn't free Jake from his workload at the mag. Luckily we both made it to Yuyintang last night to catch the good jive show ... which I'll leave Jake to review.

Finally. Yes, the podcast is coming soon, it would have been this week, so stay tuned for that.

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Nice to see the 'closed eye' pic making it's 43rd outing. I like the other pics too. It's always good to see you half naked Andy.

I love that pic.

The peta shot yeah, if we're going to keep on cycling i'm gonna have to start eating tons of cookies or something, I think I managed to get around 2% body fat for the shoot. It's not good.

Popping by from Google Reader to say, I'll never get tired of the pic on this post.

Of course we are going to keep cycling, so best start on the cookies and chips mate :)

Hey Micah!

I never tire of it either. It's funny cos I always liked Wee Ling's closed eye photos but didn't really know her. Then I had commented on her Shanghaiist post about a DJ/electronic event taking mild exception to the language ... you know, using words like 'live' and 'gig' to talk about someone on the buttons or whatever.

She got really mad about it, probably rightly too. I mean really mad.

And then she was at Dream Factory with Jake that night so I was just talking to myself like "This is your shot at getting one of those pics, suck it up and be nice, you idiot."

She was kind enough to take one and sent it to me, now it's my favourite.

It will be seen here many more times in the future.

Good afternoon, This is a excellent blog, but I was wondering how do I suscribe to the RSS feed?

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