Photos: Maybe Mars @ Mao

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Saturday night was the third Maybe Mars showcase in Shanghai. The first one was a year ago in the Dream Factory, the second was just last month and you can read about the third right here courtesy of Jake.

Anyway, a mate of mine just put some of his show pics up on Douban so I thought i'd repost a couple here. They are of Guai Li and Carsick Cars.

guai li mao one

guai li mao two

guai li mao three

shou wang mao

shou wang mao two

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for someone who so fervently hates photographers at shows, why would you post pictures on your site? wouldn't an actual update about the music more accurately represent what you try to express as your purpose for this blog? yes, i am aware jake wrote a very brief bit about the music (although it was more of a rant piece). rather than contradicting "all you stand for", it might be best to sit one out next time instead of posting what feels like an obligatory piece on a highly anticipated and publicized show.

Hello, 'someone'

You know, I'm not going send a posse round to kill you for disagreeing with me. However, I respect your need for anonymity too, if that's what you wish. But really, I've no problem with people calling me out, that's what the comments are for.

What I often write about is the behaviour of photographers at shows. Not about taking pictures in general. I complain about putting the camera in audience member's faces, flash photography and a number of reasonable issues that are taken for granted in most music scenes.

The guy who took these spend 99% of the time in the corner by stage left, just down in front of the PA stacks and stayed out of the way and tried not to use his flash.

There's no contradiction. But you're welcome to call me out if you feel I shouldn't post pics at all and thanks for the comment.

Yes, Jake did the write up for this show. You are right.

If you have a differing view of the show, why not review it yourself? Got a blog? Go for it. The more diverse viewpoints we have, the better. Link it in the comments here if you do one.

Or if not, comment here again with a review of the show. Tell us what you thought.

Those are good bands and we had a great time during Carsick Cars, but when they charge triple the going gig rate and the venue throws around the hype about itself - then it will be frustrating if the sound is no better than the 30 rmb venues, the organisation is poor and the bar is a joke.

By the way, I'm not sure if your poster name is a random pop at me or if we have met or something?

If you recognize me at a show, by all means say hi, even if it's to disagree with the blog. I don't mind. I'm not special. I had some very good conversations lately in Boonna with people who had read the blog and had different views to me on almost everything.

If there's some personal element to it, though, just drop me a mail: andy(at)kungfuology(dot)com

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