Alpine Decline coming to 696

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alpine decline
Lately, a bunch of overseas acts have been readying the cannons and sailing over to attack Shanghai. A few have been in touch via the blog too, all nice people. Puressence are at Mao and appear to be a very big deal. Exile Parade, also from the UK's north-west (like me) will do Yuyintang on May 5th.

The act that most appeals to my tastes though is L.A. two piece Alpine Decline. They are Pauline Mu and Jonathan Zeitlin, both formerly of Mezzanine Owls.

Here is their demos for China page

They have gone commando and will play Live Bar and 696, contacting both venues directly themselves. They will also turn up and just use available equipment. They hail from the L.A. scene, their previous band was described as having "A haunting Jesus and the Mary Chain rattle" and they are playing in 696. AND ... it's the same night as Peaches at Mao.

So clearly this is the time to check out the new 696. Friday 23rd of this month. Here are the gig details at Douban.

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can't have them at yyt..bummer

Yeah, but you got Exile Parade. Craig Tarry mailed me a while back and I told him to go for YYT. I guess we're all meeting before sound check. The band (Exile Parade) are from the same home area as me. Just like the same distance from Shanghai to Songjiang town.

They get to do some Expo stuff too apparently. Liverpool has been chosen as the city who gets to do stuff at the UK site or something like that.

Pairs are playing with them on Friday night.

Yeah, Liverpool proved they could get shit done arts-wise when the were international capital of culture in 2008. I guess that's why they are doing this.

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