Ourself Beside Me Douban updates

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obm concept art
Beijing based experimental rockers Ourself Beside Me have started back into the action.

They burst into everyone's consciousness with their amazing eponymous CD on Maybe Mars whose standout track was Sunday Girl. Since then they have split opinions at their shows. You have drooling fanboys like me who are in awe of their effortless cool and harsh but dreamy songs. And you have people thoroughly repulsed by their near total dismissal of the audience, both on stage where they play facing each other and in the material where very little concession is given to the listener.

After breaking a spell of inaction with appearances at recent Maybe Mars showcases they have now started working again. Their Douban page now features three new demos, all loose-ish jams and a gallery of conceptual artwork. 

Here's the page, I recommend going in at Qita 2

Here are some previous blog articles about them.

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Nice demos. Looking forward to a second album whenever it appears.


I guess I fall into the fanboy category, but nonetheless when I saw them in (the old) Nuts club(Chongqing) a year or so ago, I thought they were great, and didn't seem at all to dismiss the audience.

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