Next Year's Love live @ 390

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390 Shanghai is a new bar that has opened on Panyu Lu (yes, number 390) kinda opposite where Wills Gym is, just up from Fa Hua Zhen Lu.

One of the people behind the project is DJ Sacco, also of Uptown fame.

Last night, there was a warm up show. It was the Next Year's Love vinyl release show. Featuring:

The bar has a dedicated back room with sound equipment and a band / dance area. It's cozy and like an upmarket Logo of sorts. The bands sounded pretty good, if not as loud as the other, pure rock, venues. I see lots of fun nights in the future featuring electro-clash, alternative dance and two piece acts. 

Oh, and there's a video screen behind the men's pissoir so guys get to urinate onto famous movie stars. Bonus.

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