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Once upon a time, not that long ago to be honest, SARS was 'over' and the Yuyintang collective were yet to open their own venue. Various people were hovering, looking to get some shows started downtown, away from the Yangpu micro-scene. We're talking the turn of '03 - '04. For a time, they tried Harley's Bar in Xu Jia Hui. In case people get confused, shows there did cling on until, for a time, 'old Yuyintang' and Harley's ran simultaneously.

Sometime or other, a new mag called 8 Days sent an event photographer down (perhaps the very first time) and my love affair with Shanghai ex-pat paparazzi began. It hard to pin down the time, but it had to be around a full year before the last show there. This was taken from their website at the time.

Andy Best and Evans at Harley's


And here's an even earlier pic of Evans Zhang, pianist and rock singer extraordinare. 

Evans and her hand painted shirt, painted by Lin Lin now of YYT

evans on the railing

Every one or two months a gig in the underground scene just goes exactly right. The band kicks ass, the sound is great and the venue is packed. It breaks out into crowd surfing, jumping and good natured moshing. Anyone who has been at these shows knows how special they are. Unsigned bands playing small bars back home are just that. It's a unique experience here when it goes off right.

Anyway, the first half of the Reflector set at YYT was like a religious experience. Every time I watch this vid or hear the song I get genuine pangs. The vid lights up a bit after 45 seconds to show the extent of the fun and how packed it was that night. Wish I had a similar vid of that Mushroom's gig ... or even knocking about with Jordan and Devin of BCR at the Carsick Cars Show.

Reflector at YYT

And finally, one for the Brits and people back home ... also from a while back. It's two scousers in a rowing boat on Hangzhou's West Lake ...

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