Christmas metal and anti-greetings

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I'm not really religious or anything and on top of that I also find the commercial aspect of Xmas annoying, so I'm going post about satanic heavy metal music on Christmas Eve.

And before we get there, after all that talk about the Expo and music, Adam Minter comes on Shanghaiist with possibly the most ignorant remarks on the subject ever written. It's number two on his list. 


I have often blogged about the Shanghai metal scene, most recently about the Hell United collective whose flagship act are Chaos Mind. Another favourite of mine are Fearless.

Chaos Mind now have seven quality tracks available at their Douban page. The news is that they have made a version of Scream available for free download. They also have this CD available about town (also called Scream). 

So go there now - here's the page - and check the MP3 player at the side of their page. The track you want to check out is Scream. I prefer the 4:33 version, but that's just me.

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Who cares what Minter says? This comment has been edited

People respect his blog and would take him seriously when speaking via Shanghaiist, I think.

You're saying you think he's racist? Is there something on his blog you could link to back that up? It's quite a serious thing to say. As much as I concede the idiot part and was exasperated by the Sha-iist comments.

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