New Year gig bliss, new Mushrooms demo

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new year flyer
Christmas has come early. Like 359 days early. Next Christmas, yes.

With all the uncertainty about the Expo next year, now is the time to get in as many shows as you can. And Yuyintang give us The Mushrooms, Double Control Where and Forget And Forgive on New Year's Eve. The best live band in Shanghai supported by two of the heaviest rising stars. 

Yes, those are the two bands I just posted on.

To help matters, The Mushroom's have posted up another excellent demo at their page. It's their newer track wangzi 网子 and you should listen now right here. Regulars at the shows will recognise it straight away.

This is going to be the show. It will be packed and wild and a real night to remember. Although, it falls on a Thursday so who knows. Anyway, despite the Mushrooms shows being the best shows this year, they are still largely ignored by the large contingent of ex-pats who sometimes show up to pack out a gig. I have to be honest though. If you're the kind who would rather sit in a hip bar sneering at Emo, or if you put tacky bar promotions on New Year's Eve above independent bands and local culture, then yeah ... don't come. 

It's already going to be full up with people who care about music culture and who have shared so much on the scene this year.

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