Top Floor Circus gig banned cancelled

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OK. So if you've surfed in to this post or are here for the first time, here's how you can catch up on the story of Top Floor Circus, the Expo and The Man.

The final concern of the story was Top Floor Circus's Christmas show at Mao Live Shanghai. Check out the flyer.

The Man had also contacted Mao Livehouse and everyone was waiting to know one of two options. One, that the multi band show went ahead but with the post-Bjork large show regulations. That is, all the songs must be checked by The Man and Shanghai Welcomes You not be played. Two, the show be outright cancelled, i.e. censored/banned by The Man.

And the answer is ... drum roll please ... number two, cancelled.

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I visited Xingguang Photo Shop 星光照相器材店 on Tianshan rd 天山路 (it's on the 3rd floor) today and there is an exhibition of photos of Shanghai music underground. Lots of great photos of Top Floor Circus, but I think there are also the Subs and Sonnet as well.

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