Friday choice agony problem

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rustic in hong kongFirst of all, this is the funniest photo ever and somehow a perfect fit for the band (Rustic). It's from their Hong Kong trip during their run in the Global Battle of the Bands comp. The red suit, shades and half-turn, the hostesses taken by surprise, one covering the face, one leaning out of shot and one with the stern look, the mama-san coming forward with the no-photo gesture, Rikki Sixx's snakeskin pants-clad backside poking in the side. It's pure gold.

But anyway. This Friday, January 22nd 2010 has the first clash I just can't decide since the scene got big enough to have more than one must-see show on in one evening. Let's kick off with the two shows.

At Mao, the Maybe Mars showcase with:

The Gar
24 hours

At Yuyintang the "Puma Uncovered" I don't know what the f*ck it's about show with:

The Mushrooms

OK. So the Maybe Mars showcase speaks for itself. It's at Mao, the sound should be great and all the bands are great. It's PK14 headlining ... PK14.

The other show is called Puma Uncovered, with the 'Puma' taking headlining position in the promo material and the tag line also refers to a DJ ipod battle ... and then the bands are in there. It's annoying as a big bag of annoying things and I'm sorry if I get this wrong or something. But anyway - it's The f*cking Mushrooms and Ziyo (Helen from Pet Conspiracy's other band) at Yuyintang!   

Ah, my head hurts ... this one or this one?

But look again at which six bands are all playing in Shanghai on Friday night. If that doesn't get you out to a indie/rock show then there's no hope for you.

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Or my companys' annual dinner. Shoot me now...

If anyone goes to the Rustic gig, say the following to the band and see what happens:

"A guitar has six strings, but a bass only has four strings."

And then buy Mr. Sixx a birthday beer.

Oh, and Ziyo has changed their name to "Free the Birds."

Just had a look at the Douban page for the event at Mao:
Apparently GAR will not perform - Ourself Beside Me will play instead.

Easy choice... slow rock vs. fast rock. I would be in for fast rock.

Thanks for all the updates everyone

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