Pics and Douban: Second, Ourself Beside Me, BCR and more

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second zhu
So, we've just finished recording the 3rd Podcast of the second season, look out for that at Jake's blog soon. 

We mentioned a couple of things. We talked about Douban and 'following' your bands there to create a feed for them. Also, we mentioned Schwarzenegger's viral phrase girlie men and how in the China rock scene the girls were often way cooler and more badass than the guys.

No sooner had I finished that, I logged into Douban and caught some new pics by bands that feature girls. 

Shanghai all-girl rock band Second have just uploaded this 'backstage' gallery. Despite a brief break to find a new guitarist, they still appear to be active. That's bassist Xiao Zhu pictured to your right. 

Boys Climbing Ropes have finished adjusting their Douban page. As well as the CD liner bed shot they have settled on songs Whale Song, Dirty Bots and Night Boy. They are all available for download, if you are signed into the site.

And while we're on the subject of cool gals on the scene why not throw in these ones. It's Xie Han from Ourself Beside Me and then the undisputed queen of China rock Kang Mao of the Subs. So what's wrong with that, Arnie?

xie han

zz kang mao

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Whoa. Maybe I haven't given Second enough of a chance.

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