Triple Smash and FAF live @ Yuyintang

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faf dingding
Pictured: FAF singer Ding Ding 小丁丁

So, tonight was the first night of a three night run of great gigs at Yuyintang, starting with the last show of Triple Smash's China tour, continuing with Beijing sensation Bigger Bang (plus veterans TooKoo) and ending with Candian indie-folk act Great Lake Swimmers.


So, reasonable turn out for Triple Smash, whose members are well known on the scene and well liked too. But, mingling before the show I heard that people were also there to see support act Forget and Forgive. 

The night started with J-pop cover band Wildcat who, errm, played some J-pop covers.

Next up was Forget and Forgive whose excellent catchy emo songs Escape and Parasite are rocketing about Douban right now and earning big buzz. The songs sounded good live and there were enough people ... and they finally got the reaction they deserved with the crowd going for it for the first time. Nice.

Triple Smash are are post-rock band with emphasis on the rock. They played tight and with energy but this is listen-to music rather than pogo music. Their instrumental songs follow the post rock template of lull, swell, crescendo and lull but guitarist Li Xing gives it bite. They have come back from their first mini tour of southern Chinese cities a much more honed live act and everyone enjoyed the set. Try to pick up their excellent EP, When The Light Goes Off.

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