Other people's Youtube: Chinese rock and roll!

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Got to love that exclamation mark in the title. Here is a two-part documentary on the Chinese rock scene from Indeep Films. It has great footage from Yugong Yishan, the Max festival in Qingdao and interviews with TooKoo and others. Take it all with a pinch of salt though as it's woven together aimlessly and peppered with some typically condescending commentary. It's worth a watch for the band footage.

Well, you know my policy. Watch it and make your own mind up.

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Condescending. . .we’ll take that as a compliment as any commentary feels flattering when you hardly get any. Right?



Hey guys

Your 'documentary' implies that Beijing is limited and in it's infancy while the rest of China is a write off.

I think you'll find that Shanghai has a good scene and all the scenes are as good as they can be taking certain other limitations into account. One's that I can't talk about one here as I don't want the blog blocked.


whats the song name by Tookoo they play at the end of the first segment and the beginning of the second segment? xiexie

I can't see Youtube right now. Give me a bit to sort that out.

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