Reminder: re-TROS

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Recently the unique IPs per month stat for this blog got (in context) really high and I'm not sure who the readers are exactly. I'm assuming that the majority are new to the scene and not Chinese, or outside the country.

That's one reason to justify this post. The other is that after a semi-recent conversation with a Shanghainese friend, I was reminded that a lot of ex-pats and visitors at shows are unaware of the importance of the ReTRoS to local fans, and also of just how amazing they are. They same goes for PK14 but I already post about them a lot.

So ReTRoS are amazing and really important to local fans. How easy was that. 

You can listen to both their albums here:

And seriously, Watch Out! is a world class post-punk album and if you like it, start listening to PK14 more and also Feng Yi, SKSA and so on. These bands will stand the test of time on the scene here. I was also really excited by the debut album of London post-punk sensation Savages, but on comparison they have a way to go before they produce an album like Watch Out! 

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